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DAMA International Central Membership

Welcome to the DAMA International Central Membership Page 

Central membership of DAMA International is available at the continued special fee of US$50 per annum per individual

DO NOT FORGET: If you are not yet a local Chapter Member and there is one in your area, please join them separately!!! Central membership does not provide you automatic chapter membership


  • Member Login to the DAMA International Website
  • MyDAMA Member Resource Page (available after login)
  • Online access to the DAMAI Dictionary of Data Management Terms V2 (find those pesky DM terms and make use of the correct definition)
  • All DMBOK V1 IMAGES downloadable under creative commons copyright (you no longer need to recreate any images, just download and use with our copyright): PLEASE NOTE THAT DMBOK V1 IS NOT PART OF THIS MEMBERSHIP OFFERING
  • 10% or higher discount on any education/ training program recommended by DAMA International (follow the links on our discount page and use the discount code)
  • 10% or higher discount on any books purchased from approved publishers (follow the links on our discount page and use the discount code)
  • Discounts (per applicable code) to all DAMA endorsed conferences (will be made available on the discount page as the conferences become active)


Cross Membership collaboration between chapters  (Membership discounts/costs for chapter events, seminars, training if you are an active central member). Please speak to your local chapter to find out what is available!

Please direct any queries to with the SUBJECT of "MEMBERSHIP ENQUIRY"


  1. Select Paypal to use your Paypal account or your personal credit/debit card
  2. Select iATS if you do not have a Paypal account and want to use your credit/ debit card
  3. If you have selected the Pay Later option, please note that if we have not received your check/ bank transfer/ wire transfer within 15 days, your pending membership will automatically be canceled
  4. Please make sure you are fully aware of this membership offering before paying as we are unable to issue refunds