The Global Data Management Community

Speaker Bureau

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Name Title Email Topics Locations Expenses Required
Nigel turner Principal Consultant Data Governance, Strategy, Quality Global
Parul Kalve, MS, CDMP Data Governance Advisor Data Governance
Nicola Askham Data Governance Coach Data Governance Yes
John Zachman Enterprise Architect Zachman Framework International Yes
Missy Wittman DM Professional Data Modeling; Selling Data to Enterprise International Yes
Sanjay Shirude DM Professional CMMI Data Maturity Model; Big Data US; Canada Yes
Mona Pomraning DM Professional Data Management; Data Governance US Yes
Lewis Broome DM Professional Data Centric Enterprise Strategy US Yes
Peter Aiken DM Professional Chief Data Officer; Montetizing Data Management International Yes
Mike Ferguson DM Professional Big Data; Master Data Management International Yes
Lee Edwards DM Professional Data Modeling; Data Warehousing; Data Soft Skills International Yes
Christopher Bradley DM Professional Enterprise Data Architecture; Data Management International Yes
David Hay DM Professional Data Modeling; Modeling Patterns International Yes
Kent Graziano DM Professional Data Vault; Data Modeling US Yes
Robert Seiner DM Professional Data Governance International Yes
Karen Lopez DM Professional NoSQL; Data Modeling International Yes
Deborah Henderson DM Professional DMBOK; Data Governance US, Canada Yes
Anne Marie Smith DM Professional Facilitation; Enterprise Data Management US Yes
April Reeve DM Professional Big Data Architecture, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Governance International Yes
David Kowalski DM Professional Semantics US Yes
Steve Hoberman DM Professional Data Modeling International Yes
Malcolm Chisholm DM Professional Semantics; Big Data International Yes
John Ladley DM Professional Enterprise Data Management; Data Governance International Yes
Michael Blaha DM Professional UML US Yes
Dawn Michels DM Professional Data Maturity Assessment; DMBOK US Yes
Gordon Everest DM Professional Data Modelling; Database US Yes
Bonnie O'Neil DM Professional Agile Data; Business Intelligence US Yes
Jan Henderyckx Presidents Council Liaison Information Strategy, Information Governance, MDM, Analytics, BIG Data Worldwide Yes
David Loshin DM Practitioner Master Data Management; Big Data Global Yes
Gene Boomer DM Practitioner Enterprise Architecture Global Yes
Saad Yacu DM Practitioner Metadata; Data Repository Global Yes
Diane Rollinson DM Practitioner Reference Data US predominantly Yes
Scott Robinson DM Practitioner High Performance Development US predominantly Yes
Catherine Nolan DM Practitioner Personal Data Privacy Global Yes
Michael Miller DM Practitioner Enterprise Data Architecture US predominantly Yes
David Marco DM Practitioner Metadata Global Yes
Janet Lichtenberger DM Practitioner Data Governance Global Yes
Scott Lee DM Practitioner Data as a Service US predominantly Yes
Ken Kring DM Practitioner Data Strategy Mapping US predominantly Yes
Michael Jennings DM Practitioner Data Governance Global Yes
Susan Earley DM Practitioner Segmentation; DMBOK US predominantly Yes
Frank Cerwin DM Practitioner Master Data as a Service US predominantly Yes
David Blackfield DM Practitioner Pros & Cons of Dimensional Modeling US predominantly Yes
Anthony Algmin DM Practitioner Chief Data Officer US predominantly Yes
Ian Rowlands DM Practitioner Data Repository; Metadata US predominantly Yes
Gwen Thomas DM Practitioner Management & Methods; Decision Making US predominantly Yes
Dave McComb DM Practitioner Semantics; Data Architecture US predominantly Yes
Bill Inmon DM Practitioner Data Warehouse; Unstructured Data International Yes
Donna Burbank DM Practitioner Data Modeling for the Business: Big Data Alignment International Yes
David Plotkin DM Practitioner Data Governance; Master Data Management International Yes
Daragh O Brien DM Practitioner Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Privacy EU, International Yes
Mehmet Orun DM Practitioner MDM; Career Paths in Data Management International Yes
Joy Medved DM Practitioner Data Quality; Data Governance International Yes
Danette McGilvray DM Practitioner Data Quality; Data Management International Yes
Alec Sharp DM Practitioner Process Data Management International Yes
Glen Bell President Data Modeling; Data Profiling International Yes
Sue Geuens President Data Management Anywhere Yes
Tony Mazzarella VP Online Services Data Visualization, Content Management US predominantly Yes