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2019 DAMA International Award for Data Management Excellence

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DAMA International is proud of its history of recognizing industry leaders for Data Management excellence. We have been recognizing industry leaders since 2001. Last year’s worthy recipients were Eduardo S. Jallath-Coria, Chen Liu, and Laura Sebastian-Coleman. To learn more about past recipients, visit our Awards Archive


Nominations for the 2019 Data Management Excellence Awards open 7 December 2018. We want to hear from you! If you would like to recognize a data/information management professional or an organization (profit or non-profit) who has made a significant, demonstrable contribution to the information resource management industry, nominations are now open: 


  • Data Management Professionals who are leaders in the data management discipline and have made significant, demonstrable contributions to the Data Management field.
  • Organizations who have demonstrated leadership in one or more of the areas referenced in the DAMA DMBoK including, but not limited to, Data Governance; Metadata Management; Enterprise Data Architecture; Information Quality Management; Data Modeling; Reference and Master Data Management; Business Intelligence or any of the other Enterprise Data Lifecycle disciplines.
  • Nominees from academia will be considered for outstanding research, or theoretical or applied contributions in the areas encompassed by Data or Information Management.


To nominate, please complete the form below. Complete all information. Nominated individuals and organizations will be judged by a panel of Data Management Experts and the winners presented with their awards at the Enterprise Data World (EDW) conference in Boston, Massachusetts, March 17 to 22, 2019.

The deadline for all award nomination submissions is 11 January 2019. 

DAMA International Awards Committee


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The sponsor is the individual who nominates a deserving recipient based on his/ her knowledge of the recipient The sponsor should confirm: 1. Nominee knows they are being nominated and has no concerns in this regard 2. Nominee meets the initial criteria
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Nominee Qualifications Essay:
This is the most important part of the application! Please describe the nominee or organization in detail. Judges will evaluate this essay using the following criteria: • Depth and breadth of nominee’s data management experience • Specific contributions by the nominee to the data management field • Nominee’s cohesion with DAMA’s mission and goals • Other relevant information • Judges will examine these criteria in the context of a data management discipline, so the submission must explain how the nominee and their distinguishing features relate to the discipline and to the data management profession. Judges will focus on these areas, and will judge the nominees both within the discipline and across the field of data management Essays are limited to 1000 words; longer essays will be disqualified from consideration Suggested Essay Structure as follows: • Introduction • Nominee’s accomplishments in the field of data management • Nominee’s specific contributions to the data management community/ profession • Any other relevant information concerning nominee
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