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CDMP Exams

The exams are the final step towards your certification! Below are all the details of the exams. If you are not able to find what you need to know, please visit our FAQ document and if still no luck, please email us on



How much will this cost? Below is a list of the exam fees together with other associated costs. As you can see there are a number of differing scenarios. Please visit each of the level pages to see a typical high cost and low cost

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Yes, we do expect you to become a DAMA member if you are not already one. You may join a local chapter, DAMA I Central membership or both prior to starting registration for the exams. If you are not a member, Central Membership will be automatically be provided with your first exam
  2. Payment is made via our website and must be completed before your exam login details are sent to you
  3. If you are ready for the higher level, register for that level. You do not have to start at Associate level and work all the way up if you meet the criteria
  4. Exams are taken online and may be taken at any time, anywhere as long as the proctoring team are available (when booking the exam, you will select the date and time based on their availability)
  5. If you are writing CDMP Practitioner/ Master, from date of first exam, you have up to one year to complete your exams/ exams & case study. You will be required to rewrite the first exam again if you miss this timeframe