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CDMP Re-Certification

It's been 3 years since you received your CDMP or last re-certified. Time is up and you need to do this again. Please read all the detail below to make sure you know the next steps. 

Re-certification Continuous Professional Development Credit Logbook

To maintain your CPD credits please make use of this logbook

  • Download this file - CPD Credit Logbook
  • Save to your own PC with your name at the end of the filename (CDMP_CPD_Logging_Name_Surname_Year.xlsm)
  • Start logging credits ... 
    • If you are still in the early stages, keep this file and update after every event
    • If you are at re-cert date or have already passed it (expiry date before yesterday), complete to the best of your abiliy, ensure that you add in the start and end Month/Year to the file name and forward to as soon as you can
    • To check the progress of your CDP logging, please click on the "Your Calculation" tab and click on the Refresh Button
    • Start a new logbook for the next re-certification cycle
  • You will receive an invoice for the number of years re-certification fee outstanding ($50/ annum)
  • Once invoice has been paid, DAMAI will check and confirm relevant details and forward an updated certificate for the next cycle
  • DAMAI reserves the right to do random checking on credits logged and may request proof of such credits

Re-certification CDMP Exam Question Contribution

One of the criteria for re-certification is contributing to the CDMP Exam question bank

  • CDMP Master: A minimum of 3 exam questions/ exam topic (you have written exams on)/ annum (equates to 9 questions per year)
  • CDMP Practitioner: A minimum of 3 exam questions/ exam topic (you have written exam on)/ 3 year recertification cycle (equates to 9 questions per cycle)
  • CDMP Associate: This is not mandatory, but is a great way to progress to CDMP Practitioner

To log your question contributions, please visit this WEBFORM and complete your questions. Don't wait to the last minute as all questions must go through a formal review process to be accepted into the CDMP question bank and we may want some revision on them before they can be approved. Please login to the website first before uploading questions if you have a DAMAI login. To help you with how to write questions, please visit this LINK to download the Multiple Choice Question Guide


Some FAQ'S:

  1. Yes, there is a cost to re-certification. This is an administrative fee and includes the cost of re-printing your certificate, postage & packing and verification processes where needed. It is a fee paid on expiry of your certificate
  2. If you are a CDMP Practitioner and want to advance to Mastery please note you will be required to meet the criteria for Mastery. You do not have to wait until your recertification date should you already meet these criteria. Please request an early re-certification by contacting with the subject "Early Re-Certification". Please make sure you have completed any CPD credits in your re-certification logbook
  3. We will be adding credit types as we improve the process. If you have a specific question on credit types, please contact us to ask

FAQ's for CPD Credits:

  • How many credits do I need for each 3 year cycle?
    • You must have 160 credits for each 3 year cycle = each credit is equal to one hour​

  • How are Credits distributed between Learning (you are growing and learning) and/ or Knowledge (you are educating and sharing)

    • CDMP Practitioner – 100 learning  and 60 knowledge credits are the minimum required
    • CDMP Master – 60 learning and 100 knowledge credits are the minimum required
  • What can Credit Types include?

    • Retaking an exam; blogs; articles; white paper; conference/ event attendance; conference/ event presenter; internal and external training – student and/ or teacher; contribution to exam material and/ or DAMA I publications
    • Anything related to Data Management where you are actively learning or contributing (excluding on the job day to day work)
    • Each Credit Type can be either Knowledge or Learning and some may include both options (such as conferences where you attend as well as present – although you cannot claim for both at the same presentation)

  • Please give some examples on working out CPD's?

    • The max number of credits for any one credit type is 30. Some examples below:
  1. Using EDW as the example conference: you cannot just claim as 5 days * 8 hours. You would need to be clear on the presentations that you have attended. If you are an attendee, use Learning Credit Type of Conference Presentation and provide number of hours attended – if there were 3 X 45 minute presentations, then your claim is 2.25 hours. If you are a presenter then use 3 hours (for compilation of the content) +  1 hour for a presentation (generally between 45 mins and an hour for a normal presentation)
  2. Blogs, Articles and White Papers – the default value for these is 3 hours. It is impossible to provide an accurate number of hours on any one of these, so defaulting a value has proven the most simple method

  3. Training courses – again only the hours of attendance at such an event can be claimed

  4. Training courses (this includes Conference workshops and Tutorials) – as the presenter – number of hours presenting and a default 3 hours for material preparation for half day courses and 8 hours/ day for full day courses

  5. Retaking a CDMP exam – 1,5 hours