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CDMP Status

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Board of Directors met for the first time as a full Board. One of the topics discussed was the current CDMP testing process.

Based on a) experiences setting up and holding the three chapter-hosted boot camps in the last month, and b) other stability issues with the CDMP testing platform and content, the DAMA I Board reluctantly decided to pause the sale of CDMP certification exams. We cannot provide the support the process needs at this time, and there are too many issues that prevent us giving our members a world-class product and certification experience. Rather than continue below par as we are, we want to fix the issues, and that requires a pause.

The board has committed to a 2 month timeline to identify and address current challenges, and determine a long-term solution. Over the next two months, we will be updating this page as we get closer to making the revised tests available.

Immediate Impact:

Exams already purchased are not affected. They can be scheduled and taken as planned. However, no new CDMP tests will be available for purchase.

Recertification is not affected. Use this link to get recertification details.


  • We are in the process of hiring another administrative assistant to assist with our backlog of issues and get us back on track.
  • Our VP of Professional Development is looking at ways to streamline the CDMP Certification process.
  • We will be offering incentives for the first two months of resumed testing, such as Pay-if-you-Pass for all tests.

Below is a proposed first draft of a new, simpler, CDMP structure, which will be effective for new certifications going forward. Existing certifications will still be valid.

Proposed CDMP Levels
  Associate Practitioner Master Fellow
DAMA Membership Chapter or Central
Practical Experience Guideline* 6 months to 5 years 2 years to 10 years 10 years minimum Over 25 years
Requirements DM Fundamentals exam DM Fundamentals exam
+ 2 elective exams
Nomination Only**
  • CDMP Master
  • Globally recognized & respected thought leadership
  • Significant contribution to Data Management Profession
  • Contribution to CDMP & DMBOK
Exam Pass Mark 60% 70% 80%
Allowable Substitutions None One alternate certification can replace one elective
Route Apply and take exam Apply and take exams Apply and take exams
Evidence Experience
Submit Case Study

* Industry experience is a guideline for taking the certification. In some cases, a minimum level of experience will be necessary to pass. Individuals are welcome to remain at any level without pressure to advance.
** Nominations for CDMP Fellows may be sent to CDMP Fellows

Proposed CDMP Pricing Schedule
Item Member Plus 1 Year Membership
DM Fundamentals Exam (all levels)* USD$220 USD$270
Elective Exam (per exam)* USD$250 USD$300
Master Case Study** USD$280  
Exam Re-take Fee USD$200  
Exam Cancellation Admin Fee USD$ 50  

* Non-members must bundle an Individual Central Membership (Tier I) with their first exam or provide proof of Chapter membership.
** Candidates for Master CDMP must provide a case study related to one of their two elective topics, as well as pass all three exams at 80% or above.

Other notes:

  • Transfers of Exam Registrations or Individual Central Memberships from one individual to another are not permitted.
  • All exams are taken online.
  • Online proctoring requires full payment in advance of scheduling a test.
  • Chapter-led or conference proctoring are treated as pay-if-you-pass.

Please watch out at various DAMA International endorsed conferences for exam preparation workshops and proctoring.

Please feel free to email questions and/or concerns to or the VP Professional Development.