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DAMA I Board Meeting Update February 2019

A DAMA-International Board of Directors meeting was held on February 2, 2019 from 11am-12:15 Eastern Time. Several items should be of interest to chapter presidents.

  1. CDMP: Much progress is being made on the CDMP examinations. We are on track to provide exams at EDW in Boston for both the core exam and at least 2 specialty exams. Please refer to the EDW agenda for Exam Preparation session and exam testing times. Testing and real-world exam sessions are scheduled for those chapters that had to reschedule their exams. The exams are based on the DMBOK-2.

  2. Per the DAMA-I By-Laws, there were 3 changes to the Board of Directors approved as follows below. There was a mutual decision to reassign board members to better align them with their strengths. As a result both Jerrod Young and Lowell Fryman stepped down from their elected positions then were appointed to their new roles through motions that were approved unanimously by the board.

    • Eva Smith was appointed Governance and Ethics Officer, replacing Karen Lopez who held that position on a temporary basis. Karen will remain on the BOD as an Advisor.

    • Lowell Fryman was appointed to be VP of Communications and Marketing. Lowell had held the role of VP Online Services.

    • Jerrod Young was appointed to VP of Online Services. Jerrod had held the role of VP Communications and Marketing. Note: Both Lowell and Jerrod, in conjunction with the DAMA-I President and consultation with the BOD and Advisors decided to swap roles in the best interest of DAMA-I.

  3. The Awards Committee reported on the recommendations for the DAMA-I 2019 Data Management Awards to be featured at EDW. The Board of Directors accepted the committee’s recommendations and will announce the names at Enterprise Data World.

Members of the current Board are listed at Board and Officers

Approved minutes of the Board meetings are available at Board Meeting Minutes