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DAMA I Election Results

To DAMA-International Community,

Hi and thank you for participating in the Summer 2018 DAMA-I Board election. These are the election results. I want to thank everyone for participating and request that you stay in touch as we will crank up the final elections cycle after a short break to catch our breaths. We have doubled the number of nominees and recorded five time the total number of votes from the previous election.

Best Regards,
Peter Aiken
Past President, DAMA-International
No one was nominated for VP Operations (2019)

The following positions ran unopposed:
President (2018): Loretta Mahon Smith (DAMA NCR)
VP Member Services (2018): Ken Dunn (DAMA Houston)
VP Online Services (2018): Lowell Fryman (DAMA Rocky Mountain)
VP Conference Services (2019): Cathy Nolan (DAMA Chicago)
VP Chapter Services (2019):Stacey Haurin (DAMA Philadelphia)

25 votes were cast - not all votes were cast for each position

VP Finance (2018): (16) Susan Earley (DAMA Chicago)  ----- (9) April Reeve (DAMA NYC)
VP Marketing & Communications (2019): (14) Bob Hiew (DAMA Edmonton)  ----- (10) Jerrod Young (DAMA Kansas City)  ----- (1) No Vote
VP Professional Development (2019): (16) Chris Bradley (DAMA UK)  ----- (8) Kewal Dhariwal (DAMA Edmonton) ----- (1) No Vote