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DAMA I Election Update

Dear DAMA Chapter Presidents, Chapter Officers, and Members,

Today (June 8) it has been seven weeks since the previous board's announcement. Differing resignation schedules and technology challenges have taken longer than they should. As a reminder, we committed to a published plan on 22 April:

Date Event Completed
04/30/2018 Publish DAMA-I Elections Calendar 04/22/2018
04/30/2018 Publish draft DAMA-I Elections Process for Comment 04/22/2018
04/22/2018 Present draft DAMA-I Elections Process to PC at EDW 04/22/2018
05/15/2018 Incorporate changes to process as voted on by PC 05/15/2018
05/30/2018 Chapters must be in 'active' status to participate 05/30/2018
05/15/2018 Solicit nominations / validate / publish nominations  
06/15/2018 Publish final list of eligible voting chapters and election ballot  
07/01/2018 Voting completes and results are announced  

As you can see, previous deadlines have been met, but the nomination process is now running behind schedule, and I'm asking for your input.

The new board and advisors are encountering delays gaining mastery over the DAMA-I communication infrastructure, including the email, traditional and various social media accounts. As head of the elections committee, we should be using these to get the word out about the elections process. This inability constrained us from opening the nomination process before today.

At this point, we have a nomination survey on this platform ready to go. We want to get your input on how we should proceed. Please answer our one question survey at: by Monday 11 June 2018 11:59 UTC

Peter Aiken
President, DAMA International