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DAMA I PEG Committee Response to Social Media Articles

As the PEG committee we would like to update all DAMA International Chapter members on what we have been doing since receiving a letter from John Zachman questioning the “missed 2017 elections” and changes to the existing bylaws. The questions that are being raised relate to governance of DAMA International and therefore it is appropriate that the PEG committee respond.

Before describing the events and actions we have had to address, we would like to apologize for the lack of timely communication about what we have been doing.

There have been several positive changes that were instituted last year:

  1. Release of DMBoK V2 – it has been the top-seller at TechnicsPub for the last 2 to 3 months
  2. Release of the new CDMP Certifications, both online and chapter workshops

The challenging changes are in relation to:

  1. Rewrite of the DAMA International Bylaws
    1. Enable Central Membership
    2. Facilitate Paid staff members
  2. Delay of DAMA International elections for certain positions
    1. Close the legal entity DAMA International entity in the state of Washington
    2. Open the new legal entity in Delaware

The following concerns have been raised not only by John Zachman but other significant community channels:

  1. Complete the outstanding elections
  2. Provide more time for a comprehensive review of the new Bylaws and feedback process
  3. Uncertainty around of the appointment of the Executive Director

In response to the above concerns, we the PEG committee made the following recommendations to the DAMA International Board of Directors:

  1. Make minor modifications to the current Bylaws to enable Central Membership voting
  2. Hold outstanding and vacant BoD elections once minor modifications are complete
  3. Extend the new Bylaw Review period to 2 months (End 31st March 2018) and provide comprehensive feedback of the review during the PC meeting at the EDW Conference
  4. Suspend the appointment of the executive director until bylaws that incorporate are approved by the BoD

These recommendations were accepted by the DAMA I BoD on the 8th February 2018 and will be presented to the chapters during the PC meeting on the 9th February 2018. Minutes of the PC meeting will be made available to DAMA Chapter presidents.

Once again, we would to apologize again for the lack of communication at an important time like this and we will endeavour to provide more regular feedback whilst responding to changes.

DAMA Internationa PEG Committee

*The DAMA Internationa PEG Committee can be reached via email at