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DAMA International Corporate Membership

Corporate Central Standard Membership

Corporate Central Standard Membership allows corporations to purchase DAMA International Standard membership in bulk. The corporation distributes voucher codes to their associates. Each voucher code is good for one year and for one associate. The membership is non-transferable within the year.  This membership is for DAMA International Central membership only and DOES NOT include membership to a DAMA Local Chapter. DAMA Local chapter membership is managed by each local chapter.


  • Member Login to the DAMA International Website
  • MyDAMA Member Resource Page (available after login)
  • Online access to the DAMA-I Dictionary of Data Management Terms V2
  • Downloadable DMBOK V1 IMAGES
  • 10% or higher discount on any education/ training program recommended by DAMA International (follow the links on our discount page and use the discount code)
  • 10% or higher discount on any books purchased from approved publishers (follow the links on our discount page and use the discount code)
  • Discounts (per applicable code) to all DAMA endorsed conferences (will be made available on the discount page as the conferences become active)
  • The Learning Channel 
  • CDMP® Self Administration (Manage your CDMP)
  • Event List for CDMP®  Workshops and Proctoring

Corporate Membership is available for the following rates:

1 – 15 seats: $50 (no discount) 
16 – 50 seats: $45 each (10% discount) 
51+ seats: $40 each (20% discount) 

To order the Corporate Central Standard Membership, click HERE, complete the relevant sign up form being sure to list the number of voucher codes needed for your organization in the proper rate field.

Within a week, you will be emailed your voucher code and a registration link for distribution to your associates.

NOTE: Your associates must register themselves on our website to be able to claim a coupon code and membership.

Have questions? Please direct any queries to