The Global Data Management Community

DAMA Update 10 May 2018

Dear DAMA Presidents, Chapter Officers and Members
It has been a couple of weeks since our last communication in which we advised that the DAMA I Board had notified of their intention to resign.
We want to thank everyone who has reached out to us and offered to assist. Your assistance will become crucial in the following months as we keep our organisation running and continue with the good work of the last few years. There is much to be done and this will require many hands. If you have a specific area (maybe not on the BOD but in a committee\ team) in which you would like to work ( Mike 2.0, Data Management Dictionary, etc) please do not hesitate to let the team know at These are projects that all need to move forward during 2018. 
Elections must take place as soon as possible so that a new Board can step up and take over the reigns. With the current timing and elections not yet having been called for, it would see that a new Board will take over during August 2018. Please note the elections will be held in accordance with the current set of bylaws which can be viewed by clicking on this link:
The current composition of the DAMA I Board is Sue Geuens: President, Mark Humphries: Operations, Daragh OBrien:Privacy Officer and Peter Aiken: Past President with Nelson Goucher: Treasurer and Jo-Ann Sheldon: Administator as two paid contractors. This team is keeping the operations of the organisation on track. Sue and Mark have resigned as of 31st May 2018. Daragh has resigned as of 24th May 2018. 
The PC Meeting of 22nd April 2018 discussed the elections process and provided their input. Their request was to ensure that the elections cycle was completed by August 2018 (mid-summer for Northern Hemisphere countries). Further detail on the elections cycle will be communicated soon (including the names and details of both the DAMA and external members of the elections committee). The Past President will assume the interim role of President after the final two board members step down and will appoint two additional interim officers to remain compliant with Washington State Law. 
We look forward to continuing our communications with you and having your help to move forward and ensure that DAMA’s future remains bright. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments on the above - you can reach us at,,,, or
Kind regards and thank you,
Sue Geuens, Mark Humphries, Peter Aiken