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Revised - DAMA International Board Fall Election Process

The Fall Election process is now starting. These 5 positions are open for nominations/voting as of the schedule below.

DAMA International is pleased to open the 2018 elections for DAMA International Board of Directors and Officer positions. DAMA Chapter Presidents will be notified of the election processes directly.
Per DAMA International Bylaws VI.C.1
"If there are no contested positions, (positions for which more than one person is nominated), no balloting is required. The nominee will automatically take office..."
Chapters vote for one nominee for each position based on the existing by-laws. Each chapter has only one vote per position. You can find the responsibilities for each office on the and description of voting rights on the DAMA International website in the by-laws that are accessible along with other information at:
DAMA International recognizes that the current by-Laws need to be amended to address the voting rights of Central members, and plans to do so as soon as possible.

Election closes on December 31 2018 at 11:59pm UTC. (Questions:

Please note the timezone it is UTC not your local timezone.

Positions (starting 1/1/2019):

  • President (2 years)
  • VP Financial Services (2 years)
  • VP Member Services (2 years)
  • VP Online Services (2 years)
  • VP Operations (1 year)

Chapters in ‘active status’ (Bylaws IX.B.1) as of 1 November 2018 will be included in the nomination and voting process.

Nomination Committee:

  • Peter Aiken (Past President, DAMA International)
  • Karen Lopez (Governance and Ethics Officer, DAMA International)
  • John A. Zachman (Lifetime Advisor, DAMA International)
  • Tony Mazzarella (President DAMA New England)
  • Lou O'Brien (President DAMA Ireland)
  • Andrew Smailes (President DAMA Australia)


Date Task Done
10/1/2018 Publish Draft DAMA-I Elections Calendar to PC 9/26/2018
10/1/2018 Publish draft DAMA-I Elections Process for Comment to Presidents' Council 9/26/2018
10/15/2018 Incorporate changes to process voted on by PC
11/1/2018 Chapters must be in ‘active’ status to participate
11/1/2018 Solicit nominations / validate-publish nominations as they arrive
12/15/2018 Publish final list of eligible voting chapters and ballot
12/31/2018 Voting completes and results are announced shortly after

Contact for more information.