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  1. DAMA Adelaide Active
  2. DAMA Austin Active
  3. DAMA BeLux Active
  4. DAMA Brazil Active
  5. DAMA Brisbane Active
  6. DAMA Calgary Active
  7. DAMA Canberra Active
  8. DAMA Carolinas No Website Listed Active
  9. DAMA Central Ohio Active
  10. DAMA Central Virginia Active
  11. DAMA Chicago Active
  12. DAMA Chile Http:// Active
  13. DAMA China Active
  14. DAMA DACH Active
  15. DAMA Edmonton Active
  16. DAMA Finland Active
  17. DAMA France Active
  18. DAMA Georgia Active
  19. DAMA Houston Active
  20. DAMA Indiana Active
  21. DAMA Iowa Active
  22. DAMA Ireland Active
  23. DAMA Japan Active
  24. DAMA Kansas City Active
  25. DAMA Korea Active
  26. DAMA Melbourne Active
  27. DAMA Mexico Active
  28. DAMA Midsouth Active
  29. DAMA Minnesota Active
  30. DAMA National Capital Region Active
  31. DAMA Netherlands Active
  32. DAMA New England Active
  33. DAMA New York Capital Region Active
  34. DAMA New York City Active
  35. DAMA North Texas Active
  36. DAMA Ottawa Active
  37. DAMA Perth Active
  38. DAMA Philadelphia Active
  39. DAMA Phoenix Active
  40. DAMA Portland Active
  41. DAMA Puget Sound Active
  42. DAMA Rocky Mountain Active
  43. DAMA San Diego No Website Listed Active
  44. DAMA San Francisco Bay Active
  45. DAMA South Africa Active
  46. DAMA Southwest Ohio Active
  47. DAMA Sydney Active
  48. DAMA Turkey No Website Listed Active
  49. DAMA United Kingdom Active
  50. DAMA Wisconsin Active


  1. DAMA Argentina No Website Listed Forming
  2. DAMA Astana - Kazakhstan Forming
  3. DAMA Colombia Forming
  4. DAMA Czech Republic No Website Listed Forming
  5. DAMA Detroit No Website Listed Forming
  6. DAMA Germany Forming
  7. DAMA Iceland No Website Listed Forming
  8. DAMA Italy No Website Listed Forming
  9. DAMA Malta No Website Listed Forming
  10. DAMA Montréal Forming
  11. DAMA Music City No Website Listed Forming
  12. DAMA New Jersey No Website Listed Forming
  13. DAMA New Orleans No Website Listed Forming
  14. DAMA Poland No Website Listed Forming
  15. DAMA Puerto Rico No Website Listed Forming
  16. DAMA Romania Forming
  17. DAMA St. Louis Forming
  18. DAMA Sweden No Website Listed Forming
  19. DAMA The Maritimes No Website Listed Forming