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A Brief History of Business Intelligence

In 1865, Richard Millar Devens presented the phrase “Business Intelligence” (BI) in the Cyclopædia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes.

data Artisans Unveils Turnkey Real-Time Stream Processing for Enterprises

by Angela Guess A recent press release states, “data Artisans, founded by the original creators of Apache Flink®, today announced dA Platform 2, the next generation of its enterprise stream processing platform.

Astera Launches Cloud-Based Solution for Automated Partner Data Exchange and Integration

by Angela Guess According to a recent press release, “A leading provider of intuitive data integration solutions for use by business users and IT professionals alike, Astera Software has made their first foray into cloud-based products.

Collibra Infographic: Data Governance Secrets, Revealed

by Angela Guess Collibra has put together a new infographic that shares the secrets of Data Governance.

Use Artificial Intelligence to Streamline GDPR Compliance

It’s the morning of May 18, 2018 and you arrive at your desk to find a message from a former job applicant in Germany asking for an inventory of all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you have for him, and a request to delete all his inform

Big Data and Citizen Data Scientists: Knowledge, Skill, and Wisdom Revisited

Click to learn more about author Ian Rowlands. It’s been a while since I posted. It’s been a busy summer as we’ve been working on launching our latest product.