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Data - Driven News
The Semantic Web: Moving Forward in 2015

by Jennifer Zaino We’re all waiting to see what’s next for the Web of Data – that is, the Semantic Web – after a year that had numerous highlights including: the official publication of HTML5, which boasts the ability to describe the structure of

7 Keys to Big Data Success

by Angela Guess Nicole Laskowski of SearchCIO recently wrote, “Many businesses now have an understanding of what constitutes big data; making a success of big data is another matter.

Catching Money Launderers with Big Data

by Angela Guess Thor Olavsrud of reports, “For the past decade, governments around the world have established international anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing efforts in an effort to shut down the cross-border flow

Taking Big Data Analytics for a Test Drive

by Angela Guess Adrian Bridgwater of Forbes recently wrote, “Cloud-centric ‘autonomic’ application management company Qubell has announced Qubell for Hadoop Developers.

Coming Up with a Better Turing Test

by Angela Guess Lee Gomes of IEEE Spectrum reports, “It was billed as an epochal event in humanity’s history: For the first time a computer had proved itself to be as smart as a person.

Baidu Has Built a Supercomputer for Deep Learning

by Angela Guess Derrick Harris of GigaOM reports, “Chinese search engine company Baidu says it has built the world’s most-accurate computer vision system, dubbed Deep Image, which runs on a supercomputer optimized for deep learning algorithms.