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Data - Driven News
When To Use the UML for Databases (And When Not To)

by Michael Blaha The UML is a popular notation for modeling software artifacts. Even though the UML was mostly developed for programming, it is also relevant for databases. This article takes a critical look at using the UML for databases.

Why Your Focus Should Be On Data Governance

by Angela Guess Margaret Harrist recently wrote for Forbes, “Your business is quickly becoming a big data business in one way or another.

What Effect Can Big Data Have on Discrimination?

by Angela Guess Katherine Noyes of Fortune recently wrote, “The rise of big data technology allows marketers to collect a tremendous amount of information about an individual with very little to start with.

How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Big Data

by Angela Guess John Mason of Entrepreneur recently wrote, “Only 18 percent of small businesses and just more than half (57 percent) of mid-size companies use business intelligence and analytics solutions, according to market research firm The SMB

Jinni and the Future of Choice

by Angela Guess Mark Lee Rollins of Red Orbit recently wrote, “Out of the blue, TV choice technology provider Jinni received a phone call last fall from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences notifying them they’d won an Emmy in th

Facebook Open Sources AI Tools, Increasing Access to Deep Learning

by Angela Guess Larry Dignan of ZDnet reports, “Facebook on Friday said it will open source deep learning modules for the Torch artificial intelligence project in a move that could speed up technology and make it more accessible to developers and