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Naive Bayes: Letting Your Data Science Be Imperfect

by Angela Guess John Weathington recently wrote for TechRepublic, “The quest for perfection often gets in the way of success. For example, Coca-Cola wasted millions on New Coke when the Old Coke was just fine.

7 Steps for Getting a Handle on Your Data Science Strategy

by Angela Guess recently wrote, “Data scientists and chief data officers are the hot hire these days, and government agencies at all levels are working to get more out of their rapidly growing troves of data.

The NoSQL Market is Consolidating: What Does That Mean?

by Angela Guess Chloe Green recently wrote for Information Age, “Apple’s acquisition of FoundationDB a couple of weeks ago and Percona’s more recent acquisition of Tokutek raised many questions about whether the NoSQL industry is consolidating.

Automating Your Relationship With the Internet of Things

by Angela Guess Molly McHugh recently wrote for Wired, “A few years ago, there was really no way to know how we would use the Internet of Things. A handful prescribed functions for home devices like Nest and Philips Hue made immediate sense.

Call for Industry Track Abstracts for ISWC 2015

by Angela Guess The International Semantic Web Conference recently wrote, “Research in Semantic Web Technologies is now underway for more than a decade.

Why Businesses Should Make Their Big Data Free

by Angela Guess Jake Heller, CEO of Casetext recently wrote for Bloomberg, “Big data has been a technology trend for years now. But, as a business, the market for big data is in many ways in its infancy.