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Data-Ed Slides: Data-centric Strategy & Roadmap

This presentation was given in a live webinar on January 13, 2015 Data-Ed Online Webinar: Data-centric Strategy & Roadmap from DATAVERSITY To view the On Demand recording of this webinar, click HERE>> About the Webinar Data is the lifebl

2015 Trends in Data Governance: “Cultural Execution”

by Jelani Harper The most eminent trend pertaining to Data Governance in 2015 does not involve new tools, roles, policies, or strategy—although these facets of Data Governance are vital to implementing effective governance.

Will MapR be the Next Big Data IPO?

by Angela Guess Heather Clancy of Fortune recently wrote, “When Hadoop data management Hortonworks staged its public-market debut in mid-December—easily closing its first day with a billion-dollar market cap—scrutiny of its two biggest rivals, Clo

Wearable Devices Could Have Business Value, But Not Without Strong Data Governance

by Angela Guess Ben Cole of Tech Target recently wrote, “Wearables have been touted as the next big thing in mobile technology, and it's only a matter of time before employees want to use them at work alongside their personal phones and tablets.

Riak Creator Basho Raises $25M in New Funding

by Angela Guess Jason Verge of Data Center Knowledge reports, “Basho Technologies, creator of the distributed NoSQL database Riak, has closed a $25 million Series G funding round on the heels of solid growth numbers.

Fantasy Sport Junkies Rejoice: Sprylogics Releases Breaking Sports App

by Angela Guess According to a recent article out of the company, “Sprylogics International Corp., a technology provider of local mobile search, semantic search and messaging solutions for consumers and businesses is pleased to announce that it ha