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Data - Driven News
Haystax and Franz Inc. Partner to Deliver Insider Threat Detection Solutions

by Angela Guess A recent article out of the companies reports, “Haystax Technology, Inc., and Franz Inc., announced a technology partnership that will enable Haystax to leverage Franz's AllegroGraph technology for patented algorithms and sophistic

2015 Trends in Big Data: Real Time

by Jelani Harper The Big Data marketplace capped another successful year in 2014, with vendors procuring billions of dollars in funding.

How Big Data is Catching Tiger Poachers

by Angela Guess Roger Drouin recently wrote for Ensia, “Traveling in small, nomadic groups, carrying knives, axes and steel traps, tiger poachers in India have long held advantages over those trying to protect the big cats.

Why NoSQL Doesn’t Do Away With SQL

by Angela Guess Bill Franks of Forbes recently opined, “One of the more highly hyped concepts around big data that’s been on my mind these days is the newly expanding world of non-relational tools.

Embracing Hadoop and Keeping Your Data Secure at the Same Time

by Angela Guess Digital Journal recently published an article on the issue of avoiding data breaches in the age of Hadoop.

NASA Turns to Machine Learning to Identify Stars Faster

by Angela Guess A recent article in The Astrophysical Journal reports that NASA has started to use machine learning techniques to understand the properties of stars more quickly.