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CDO Webinar: How CDOs Should Work with Lawyers

This presentation was given in a live webinar on May 7, 2015 Chief Data Officer Agenda Webinar: How CDOs Should Work with Lawyers from DATAVERSITY   About the Webinar Legal risks, rights and obligations are among the most important emerging issues

Do Your Customers Hide Their Data?

by Martin Doyle Personal data has an image problem. People are increasingly wary of handing over their details to websites – particularly when they have no intention to engage long term.

Eric Schmidt on the Data Science Revolution

by Angela Guess Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen of Google recently wrote in The Huffington Post, “The benefits of digital tools are not limited to the few and privileged.

Cuba Turns to Big Data to Boost Tourism

by Angela Guess Pablo Valerio recently wrote for Information Week, “While Cuba has never stopped receiving a regular influx of tourists from Canada, Latin America, and Europe, the potential growth the US market offers is enormous.

Big Data Can’t Stand Without Big Insight

by Angela Guess Jef Cozza recently wrote for CIO Today, “Big data is often heralded as a transformative force that will usher in a new era of data-driven decision making for executives and business managers.

Nervana Opens Up Its Deep Learning Software

by Angela Guess Writing for VentureBeat, Jordan Novet reports, “Nervana Systems, one of a handful startups focusing on a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning, today is announcing that it has released its Neon deep learning software