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Lexalytics’ Latest International Language Support Adds Arabic, Russian, and Dutch

by Angela Guess According to a new article out of the company, “Lexalytics, the leader in cloud and on-prem text and sentiment analytics solutions, announced today that it has expanded its breadth of language capabilities to include Arabic, Russia

CDO Vision: What is the Vision of the Chief Data Officer? Part 1

by Jennifer Zaino The newest title in the C-Level suite is Chief Data Officer. The question is: What does that title mean? Would you be surprised to learn that there is no single specific answer to that query?

Taking Big Data to the Bank

by Angela Guess Russ Banham of CenturyLink recently wrote in Forbes, “A customer walks into the bank to make a deposit, greets the teller and, out of the blue, she’s asked if she would like a second mortgage.

Apple and IBM Partner, Hope to Save Lives with Big Data Analytics

by Angela Guess Jonny Evans recently wrote in Computer World, “Apple and IBM have reached a new agreement to use big data analytics to turn digital health into so much more than a step counter – the conjunction between these and others in the heal

Making the Most of Cloud-Based Business Intelligence

by Angela Guess Writing for Information Management, Bob Violino recently noted, “More than 50 percent of businesses currently use or plan to use cloud-based business intelligence, according to a survey by Dresner Advisory Services.

The Time to Consider Graph Databases Has Come

by Angela Guess Tony Agresta recently wrote in Tech Page One, “Graph databases are rapidly gaining traction in the market as an effective method for deciphering meaning but many people outside the space are unsure of what exactly this entails.