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Data - Driven News
Dell Boomi Teams Up with Pivotal to Accelerate Digital Transformation

by Angela Guess According to a recent press release, “Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the number one integration cloud provider, announced a collaboration with Pivotal® to provide cloud-native integration for customers building and deploying applications wit

Oracle Cloud Platform Adds New Levels of Performance for Oracle Database Applications

by Angela Guess A recent press release reports, “Continuing its Oracle Cloud Platform innovation, Oracle today announced major enhancements that make it easier for organizations to move enterprise database applications to the cloud.

IBM Extends Data Science Collaborative Workspace to the Private Cloud

by Angela Guess A new press release states, “IBM today announced the availability of a collaborative workspace for private clouds geared towards organizations and data scientists working with sensitive data.

Case Study: CauseSquare and NuoDB’s Elastic SQL Database Partner for Non-Profit Generosity

CauseSquare started in 2015, when co-founder and CTO, Walid Darwish and four of his friends, all developers, were volunteering their time with non-profit organizations and discovered that, “This sector, in terms of technology, still has a long way

Increase Profitability and Security by Investing in Healthcare Data Solutions

Click to learn more about author Gary Palgon. Financial constraints and Data Security are common challenges for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Data Science and Deep Learning Application Leaders Form GPU Open Analytics Initiative

by Angela Guess According to a recent press release, “Continuum Analytics,, and MapD Technologies have announced the formation of the GPU Open Analytics Initiative (GOAI) to create common data frameworks enabling developers and statistical