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CDO Webinar: The Executive Guide to Data Strategy

This presentation was given in a live webinar on March 5, 2015 The CDO Agenda: The Executive Guide to Data Strategy from DATAVERSITY To view just the slides from this recording, click HERE>> This Webinar was Sponsored by: About the Webinar R

The Brave New World of Mobile: IT meets IoT

by Evaldo Horn De Oliveira Oh what a brave new IT world are we living in today! It is amazing how things have started to change faster and faster.

The Fact That Big Data Is “Big” Isn’t What Makes It Interesting

by Angela Guess Stephen Brobst of Teradata recently wrote in Forbes, “I hate big data. That is, I hate the term, mainly because it implies that size is the interesting aspect of big data. Data volume has been exploding for decades.

Mt. Sinai’s Ambitious Effort to Apply Data Science to Medicine

by Angela Guess Steve Lohr of the New York Times recently wrote, “Jeffrey Hammerbacher is a number cruncher — a Harvard math major who went from a job as a Wall Street quant to a key role at Facebook to a founder of a successful data start-up.

Women Make Up a Growing Number of Data Scientists

by Angela Guess Writing for the Chicago Sun Times, Francine Knowles recently noted, “At Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Mary Kwasny is conducting research designed to help pregnant women reduce unhealthy weight gain.

Inside the Design Challenges of the Internet of Things

by Angela Guess Writing about the Internet of Things for Wired, Margaret Rhodes recently asked, “How often do you you notice the tiny green light on your electronic toothbrush, or the backlight on your smart thermostat?