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How the Internet of Things & Big Data Tie Together

by Angela Guess Teena Hammond recently wrote for ZDnet, “The Internet of Things, or IoT, is projected to undergo massive growth with 4.9 billion IoT-connected devices in 2015 and more than 25 billion predicted to be in use by 2020, according to Ga

Starting Small with Big Data

by Jelani Harper The inhibitors of Big Data initiatives are abundant and include: Upfront capital: There is a general perception that the infrastructure to apply Big Data and options for advanced analytics are costly, and that such initiatives are

Infographic: How to Make More Money with Big Data

by Angela Guess Catherine Clifford recently wrote for, “Big data is buzzy, and if you drop the phrase at a cocktail party, you will probably earn yourself some serious street cred. And rightfully so.

10 Examples of the Internet of Things & Big Data Making Each Other Better

by Angela Guess Writing for ZDnet, Conner Forrest recently wrote, “Many of the conversations taking place around the Internet of Things (IoT) are incomplete without a mention of big data.

Examining Models of Business Intelligence and Analytics Success

by Angela Guess Peter Krensky recently wrote for Business2Community, “All large enterprises (organizations with over $1 billion in annual revenue) have embraced analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) to some degree.

Artificial Intelligence Developments Merit Caution, Not Fear

by Angela Guess Cecilia Tilli recently wrote in Slate, “In January, I joined Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Lord Martin Rees, and other artificial intelligence researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs in signing an open letter asking for a change