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Slides: Cognitive Computing in the Mobile App Economy

This presentation was given in a live webinar on March 12, 2015. SmartData Webinar: Cognitive Computing in the Mobile App Economy from DATAVERSITY About the Webinar Mobility is transforming work and life throughout the planet.

Big Data Insights from Wearable Tech

by Jonathan Buckley How much sleep did you actually get last night? How many miles did you walk last week? Who cares? Well, suddenly lots of people actually.

GE, Big Data, and the Science of Food

by Angela Guess Writing for The Next Web, Natt Garun recently noted, “It would be a crime to visit Austin without sampling the local barbecue here, so we stopped by General Electric’s BBQ Research Lab at SXSW to see how the team is using GE techno

5 Thoughts on the Current State of Master Data Management

by Angela Guess Computer Business Review recently attended the Gartner Master Data Management summit, and James Nunnsi compiled five key take-aways from the event. Nunnsi begins his list: “CEO's think they have a good data strategy - they don't.

JPMorgan Turns to a NoSQL System to Consolidate Derivative Trade Systems

by Angela Guess Writing for Computerworld UK, Matthew Finnegan recently stated, “JP Morgan has reduced the complexity of its derivative trade processing systems after swapping relational databases for a NoSQL system, allowing it to handle a wider

The Growing Role of Machine Learning in Cyber Security

by Angela Guess Rachel King recently wrote for the Wall Street Journal blog, “Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a larger role in cybersecurity, which can in theory help companies identify risks and anticipate problems before