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Top Big Data Web Sites

by Jelani Harper Steve Bennett of Data Science Central recently wrote: “The Naked analyst Episode 8 looks at the best sites to learn about the world of Big Data. Here are my top 6 sites.

Database Modernization: Treat It Like an Evolution, Not a Revolution

by Evaldo Horn De Oliveira Most of today’s industries require the ability to store data while simultaneously allowing end-user access. However, the modern concept of a database hasn’t always been the main technology used to store data.

Tableau’s Analytics to Go Mobile

by Jelani Harper Gigaom’s Derek Harris recently observed, “Tableau Software has made a great name for itself among savvy data analysts (and occasionally journalist types), racking up more than 20,000 customers and revenues that are nearly doubling

Apigee Enhances Internet of Things

by Jelani Harper Stacey Higginbotham recently wrote, “What is the diameter of the internet of things and how do we make it smaller?” That’s the question that Brian Mulloy, a VP of Apigee  focused on for the last few years as he tried to figure out

The New Normal: Unified Cloud Accessibility

by Jelani Harper Cloud Computing adoption rates are growing in nearly every vertical industry as organizations become aware of and take advantage of its benefits including: Less infrastructure costs: Storing data in the Cloud reduces the need for

Mayo Clinic, IBM Watson Collaborate

by Jelani Harper An announcement from Mayo Clinic states, “Mayo Clinic and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced plans to pilot Watson, the IBM cognitive computer, to match patients more quickly with appropriate clinical trials, beginning with research