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Below are some answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the change in the DAMA I CDMP certification program. If your question is not answered, please email your question to and we will respond.

#1 Will DAMA International continue the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification program?

Answer: Yes, definitely.  DAMA International owns the CDMP, the trademarks for the words Certified Data Management Professional and the acronym CDMP, and the copyright on the DAMA-DMBOK.  DAMA is in the process of developing an improved and revised approach to the CDMP so that we can serve the data management profession better.

#2 If I take certain components for the CDMP, will I still be able to convert them into the CBIP and related certifications, or will this become more difficult?

Answer: DAMA is working with TDWI (owners of the CBIP) to ensure that those who earn the CBIP can maintain this certification as was done in the past. We expect a positive outcome from these discussions.

#3 IS Core still be owned by the ICCP and will the CDMP still require the IS Core, or will DAMA develop our own version?

Answer: The ICCP owns the IS Core exam. The IS Core exam will not be part of any future CDMP or other DAMA-developed certification.

#4 Will exam proctorship over webcam still be available as it was in the past for an additional $25 at a time convenient to the exam taker from their own home in bunny slippers?

Answer: DAMA International has a fully operational online proctoring application. Please visit our website ( and follow the steps. Exams and Proctoring are all online, unless you are attending specific conferences and/ or chapter events where proctoring may be done in person

#5 As a CDMP proctor and VP of Education of a Chapter, how do we go about running CDMP preparation workshops and proctoring exams?

Answer: DAMAI is working together with the chapters on the workshops and Chapter proctoring. Please contact to get further details

#6 Would the process and deadline remain the same to complete all 3 exams, if we have already started the process and taken 1 or 2 of the requisite 3 exams?

Answer:The approach to the CDMP will remain with three exams (DM Mandatory Advanced exam and two exams from the list of specialty topics, passed at 70% for Practitioner and 80% for Mastery – with experience and educational qualifications for each level as well). The 12-month deadline to pass all three exams remains also. The CDMP Associate level requires only the DM Fundamentals passed at 60%

#7 Would the process and deadline remain the same to re-certify within three years, and the criteria to recertify remain unchanged as well?

Answer: The three-year certification process remains, and re-certification is a requirement for someone to consider him/herself as an active CDMP. Details on the re-certification process; including links to the CPD logbook and exam question submission forms are on the website on the CDMP main page

#8 What would be the process now to develop and administer a boot camp by the chapter, or is that even an option?

Answer: Exam preparation and delivery sessions (no longer called “bootcamps”) have been developed by DAMA International, and will be available for chapters to host. The sessions will also be given at DAMA-sponsored conferences and will be delivered by DAMA-certified instructors.  These sessions will be managed so that all those who teach a DAMA CDMP Exam Preparation and Delivery session have been taught what to teach and how to do so, and that every instructor uses DAMA-approved materials to ensure continuity.

#9 Will the CDMP exams and re-certification still carry CEU / CDU / PDU credits?

Answer: The current list of types of CPD credits is on our website together with the downloadable CPD logbook. Any institution offering data management events, training, education will be acceptable currently

#10 I am a DAMA Chapter Officer and have been working for/ with the ICCP on CDMP bootcamps, exam proctoring or have another form of commercial or voluntary role with ICCP; what should I do?

Answer: Any Chapter Officer with a role in or commercial relationship with ICCP is reminded of their conflict of interest obligations to DAMA Chapters and to DAMA International. Where such conflicts exist, Chapters and their Officers must take immediate steps to resolve the issue in keeping with obligations under your Chapter's Affiliation agreement. Please contact for further claification or to confirm your situation.

#11 I am new to the CDMP. What materials should I review prior to sitting the exams? 

Answer: The DAMA DMBOK is a required study source. An updated resource list is available here

#12 I have registered and paid for my exam, but want to defer scheduling to a later date. Can I claim a refund? 

Answer: DAMA International does not process refunds. Please go ahead and schedule your exam for a suitable date in the future. You have the option to modify that date and time. Please do remember that if you are on the CDMP Practitioner track, there is a time limit of 1 year to complete this certification once the first exam has been taken